P4/6 Shopping Spree

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Edbert Bryan

fish vegetables milk eggs utensils animals toys stationery candy fruit drinks driedfood
junkfood televisions paint dog parrot tortoise encyclopaedia hamster

Megan,Yi Xuen,Hui Jun

cage eggs   fresh milk       bread

soon yu and yu wei

Frozen food drinks canned food wine magazines toiletries detergent snacks noodles fruits vegetables

James Kent Yilun Shiwen

Frozen food Diary Sushi Milk Pet'food Cereal Toys vegetables  clothings drinks

sean and zongheng

pet food can food fruits milk vegetables meat noodles confections soap powder drinks desserts toiletries diary products seafood cold products cooking products detergent soup toys

emily siobhan yuchen

dairy veggetables meats eggs groceries drinks sweets fruits fish detergent sushi shampoo tolietries bread

Chien Hwa and isaac

seafood diary poultry toys frozen  rice meat tidbits vegetables

Neha and Joan

Rice Cold meat Pork Spices Soap Fruits Vegetables Milk Drinks Diapers Tissues Detergent  Yoghurt Cheese Stationary Oil Powder Sweet Utensils  Toothbrushes Charcoal

lennard & dawson

healthtydiet car fruits vegetables milk cheese drinks cereals biscuits sushi fish meat canfood sweets chocolates tidbits freshfood icecream toys stationary magazine newspaper frozenfood toiletries culetry

dexter and nicholas

dairyproducts drinks frozenproducts wine books utensils toyarea

Isaac and Humphrey

cereal dairy products vegetables fruits seafood toiletries drinks rice noodles snacks  poultry spices oil sauce bread

melissa and alanna

meat fish vegetables milk rice seafood bread dairy detergent beverages yogurt stationary towels biscuits sweets noodles pasta pastries utensils


poultry dairy confectonary drinks fruits frozen food vegetables toiletry pet battetry

Cathy and Shu Wen

bread spread  drinks  sweets  bread  fruits  ice cream  eggs  pork  tibits  rice   sugar   salt   pepper  fish  chicken  ice  noodles   beer

Ngee Xin and Satwant

seafood meat poultry dairy sushi vegetables drinks driedfood

Say Ghee and Vanessa

vegetables fruits sushi dairy- products  crackers ice-ceam meat toiletries bread eggs seafood drinks cheese


Rice Meat Nuitritious Crackers juices fruits vegetable